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Kennel "z Wiślanego Portu FCI" American Staffordshire Terrier
& kennel "Modny Drobiazg FCI" Chinese Cresteds Dog. We are small hobby kennels breeding high quality dogs for shows enthusiast.

Our kennels are registered in the Kennel Club in Poland, this is the only one Polish organization affiliated to an international organization of canine FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale. Kennel Club in Poland is the first organization operating in Poland - since 1938. Kennel Club in Poland is annually organized several exhibitions of national and international importance. Pedigrees issued by the Kennel Club in Poland give you the assurance that the animals used for many years to breeding were healthy, with the character and temperament appropriate for the breed. With long-term help of many dog lovers from the Polish Kennel Club the pedigrees of our puppies are adequate to ensure that they are pure representatives the breed, unadulterated blood of other breeds.

z Wislanego Portu
Modny Drobiazg
Halina Ziembicka & Katarzyna Ziembicka
Warszawa, Poland

+ 48 511-321-124
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